When in Northern Idaho

(Almost) Every summer we take the long plane flight from the Gulf Coast up to the North West to spend a few weeks in, what I consider, one of the most beautiful places on earth. This trip is never cheap, but each year it is so so worth it.

Idaho 18-17Idaho 18Idaho 18x2-2

Getting a break from the heat and humidity in itself is worth it!

But being able to meet up with Scott (husband and baby-daddy) is the absolute best part of the trip!

Idaho 18-27.jpg

The second best part is being able to watch Aspen play with her cousins that she only sees twice a year.

Idaho 18-25Idaho 18-24

In Idaho, we sleep in late, get dressed, pick up coffee, and climb a mountain.

Idaho 18-4.jpg

And sometimes we make our way to the creek to play with the tadpoles and splash in the cold mountain water.

Idaho 2018 prt 2_-15


My soul longs for our trips to Northern Idaho each year. As the dates get closer to our departure, I begin to get butterflies. I am a lister, so I start to make plans and write them down. These lists typically look something like this:

  1. Go hiking
  2. Eat good food
  3. Play in the lake
  4. Kayak to the islands
  5. Spend time with family
  6. Have a date night with Scott
  7. Try not to die from alcohol poisoning
  8. Go camping
  9. Fish off the dock
  10. Go tubing and/or wake surfing on the lake

Most of these get accomplished within our time there.

Idaho 2018 prt 2_-2

While we were in Sandpoint this summer, Scott and I ended up hiring a realtor. We have always known that someday we want to make this quaint little town our home. So many beautiful things came shortly after that… like, for one, we found a church we love and someday would like to make it our home church. We also found a house we fell in love with and nearly put an offer on it. But once I met with the lender, we found out that the banks typically do not give loans out to those employed by the Oil Fields until they have been in for at least two years- which Scott has not.

We took this news as God putting a pause button on our search. It absolutely did break my heart, mainly because I developed my own timeline on my life, which God obviously had to humble me on. So for now, we wait. Aspen and I will continue to live in Florida and travel to see Scott throughout the year. I am going to use this time to grow my businesses, experience more of the south, enjoy the friendships I have made, and save money for when we are finally able to move to our dream location.

Everything happens for a reason, and although it makes me a bit sad, I am so glad God took control over the situation.



These hot summer days

I heard it snowed in Glacier National Park this morning.

August 24th beach day-5

Oh these days are hot. These days are humid. These days are also filled with adventure and stories about the deep blue sea.

August 24th beach day-4

We had out toes in the sand, again. Somehow, despite my longing for crisp mountain air, I desire the smell of salt lingering in the wind, almost to call us back to the water. After five years, the emerald waves that brush over the white sandy beaches have finally made it’s way to my resistant heart, and I begin to yearn for the warm gulf water to embrace my north loving soul.

My daughter, on the other hand, has been a child of the sea since the day she was born. When we park our little blue car in the parking lot parallel to the beach, I hear Aspen scream, “beach, mama! Beach! Oh, thank you mama!”. As I wrestle her out of her carseat she leaps to the ground and takes off running to the expanse of turquoise waters, at which I call for her to slow down and wait for her mama.

She was born of salt water and sunshine, with little fear of the subtle swells ahead. She is the modern day Moana. Her love for digging her toes into the sand and bathing out in the sun while I read a book about ships that have crossed the restless seas have sparked my own euphoria. Her curiosity as a cownose ray swims against the waves, entertaining themselves as they surf in the shallows is overwhelming, and her excitement as she picks up another shell while digging through the sugar white dunes reminds me to find equivalent excitement in my own life.

We are so different, yet the same. And I think that is why we have each other. What I lack, my daughter has an abundance of, and vise versa. My little sapling is more like a little starfish, but that’s okay, as long as she is my (and Scott’s, of course!) little starfish.

What my ideal schedule would look like vs. my actual schedule

Oh goodness, I could go on and on about this one. I could also rewrite this regularly, as often as my mind changes about our structure (or lack there of).

Let me start off with…

Idaho 18-7.jpg

HI. I’m Sadie. Yeah, that tiny brown lady embracing the resistant hug of that toddler holding the stick. I LOVE the idea of waking up to the sun rising, drinking a cup of coffee while listening to the neighborhood birds sing their morning songs, while my dear child sleeps silently in her room inside. I dream about awaking while it is still dark, getting a good run in, and then coming home to make an early breakfast, and worship Jesus through song at the moment Aspen wakes. Sometimes I like to envision myself starting our day with reading aloud an old Beatrix Potter book, or scripture out of Psalms, and then subtly making our way into our peaceful schooling. Or sometimes, I dream about forgetting about all of that and going straight to the beach to worship God’s natural design, and then planning our education for after nap time. I have lots of dreams, as you can tell. But currently, none of those match our existing schedule (or again, lack there of).

For the millionth time, I like to excuse my poor timing due to our summer adventures. But honestly, even without the constant travels and visitors, I really must admit to sucking at this aspect of life.

Idaho 18-26.jpg
yes, this is 100% my personality. Let’s just climb a mountain, read a good book, and forget the rest!

My dear photographer friend regularly lectures me on “Conquering the morning”, yet I find this the most difficult thing in my life to do.

I love the idea of waking at dawn, but accomplishing it is a different story. Who knows, maybe one day I will surprise myself? But until then, Aspen and my schedule looks more like this:

*note: this is our average day, not every day. There are several days where we wake up at dawn for a sunrise session, early doctors appointments, and play dates*

9AM – Wake up and cuddle/talk about our dreams and drift in and out of sleep (yes, I leave my room and jump right into Aspens bed)

9:30AM– Get out of bed and eat breakfast, which typically consist of “healthy” cereal or a quick fluffy omelet

10:00AM– Finally make my way to the shower while Aspen eats her breakfast and watches an episode of Wild Krats

11:00AM– We make our way out of the house to take care of any errands and/or play and eat lunch

1PM– nap time!! AKA mom does some picking up and computer work

2:40PM– Aspen wakes up and we cuddle on the couch for a few minutes

3:00PM– I give Aspen a healthy and filling snack and one episode of a show of her choice

3:15-4:30 – school time! Yes, we only do forty five minutes. Why? Because research shows that toddlers only need 15-30 minutes worth of attentive school work a day. We push it to forty five minutes because we also love to do art work during this time.

4:30-5:30 – This is when we do independent play while mom preps dinner and gets shit done around the house. We also listen to either hipster, classical, or gospel music during this time.

5:30PM– dinner time! This is technology free, 100% just bonding time. Here we eat delicious food while discussing our day.

6PM– Clean up kitchen/ independent play time (occasionally, during the summer, this is beach time!

6:30– music, movie, or game time! We switch between dancing like lunatics while singing at the top of our lungs to some good ol’ Justin Timberlake, play a board game (apples to apples and Candy Land), or sitting down to watch a movie together. Twice a week we opt out of cleaning and free time to hit the beach, parks, or trails for the evening.

9PM– Aspens bed time. Our bed time routine consists of reading two books, saying our prayers, and then singing our three favorite songs: You Are My Sunshine, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Sunshine On My Shoulders.

9:30PM– Mama sneaks out of Aspen’s room, pours herself a glass of cabernet, and either binge watches Netflix while crocheting, catch up on computer work, or prepare for the next days projects. Most days, it’s all three.

Midnight– Is when I force myself to fall asleep



This week in homeschooling

homeschool letter A-3

This week has been a bit sporadic. We spent last Wednesday flying from Spokane, Washington to New Orleans, Louisiana. Then Thursday we went to the aquarium in NOLA and in the afternoon made our journey home, back to Navarre, Florida. Friday I unpacked and did laundry. Saturday we went grocery shopping, caught up on sleep, and made our way to Crestview to see some friends. Sunday was our day to volunteer at church and clean the house, and then Monday was Aspen’s day at the sitter’s. Monday is always the day where I’m able to get the most work done. Not just in the house, but also with my Photography business, Ubsorne business, house work, and scheduling any and all appointments that need to be made. This Tuesday I had an exceptionally rough day, and decided to use it as an emotional rest day, and then by Wednesday I was ready to conquer the world. So, with all of that being said, this is the little amount of homeschool preschool that we managed to do this week:

WEDNESDAY: Numbers + beach day


THURSDAY: Shapes + library day


FRIDAY: Letter “A” + Beach stories 



I am passionate about giving my daughter a fun and playful approach to learning. I want so bad for her to have a natural love of education, and in order to do that it’s my job to make each experience a pleasant one, especially with her being so young and impressionable.

I plan to start the Peaceful Press at the beginning of 2019, but until then I am using what I have to teach Aspen the basics so she will be ready to learn a bit more in depth at the start of the new year.

A lot of our schooling revolves around painting, reading, crafting, and exploring. I bring basic preschool curriculum to the beach, nature trails, at while out exploring our neighborhood. No matter where we venture to, there is always a book in our hands to teach us and guide us as we explore God’s and man’s work. The rest of the time, we are painting, crafting, discussing, and watching while learning about the alphabet, numbers, counting, hand-eye coordination, weather, colors, and shapes. We have so much to learn, and it’s only the beginning!


Side note: you have no idea how excited I am for her to be ready to read Little House on the Prairie and learn about history and environmental sciences. 

Making memories in the kitchen

A mothers musings

Growing up, my sisters and I seldom got spoiled with candy or toys. Instead, we were spoiled in quality time and experiences. Now that I am a mother myself, I could not imagine any other form of showing affection towards my little sapling.

One of my favorite traditions was being in the kitchen with my loved ones. Cooking, baking, waiting for the bread to rise, sitting on the counters while gossiping, and later on, sharing a bottle of wine at the dining room table. I hope, and aim for Aspen to have similar memories.

Today, after consuming naan with hummus and arugula for dinner, I decided to bring out some green apples I had purchased from the market last week. I washed them, and then diced them into small little pieces so that when they were done baking, they would melt in our mouths.

I got out the ingredients for the crumble topping, and watched peacefully while Aspen mixed them together. Watching her concentrate on something that I personally love to do brings my mama’s heart so much satisfaction. While putting together the mixture, we listened to classical music radio on Pandora, and chatted about our trip to the library earlier that day. And once everything was put together, we watched with anticipation while it baked in the oven.

apple crisp w-aspen-2

apple crisp w-aspen

I want her to remember the smell of our home as the sweet warm aroma of apple crisp covered every inch of our house. I want her to remember that mom let her make a mess, and that cleaning it up together was fun. I want her to remember how excited she was when I pulled the little ramekins out of the oven, and the smile she made when she got to taste her first bite. I want her to remember the love I felt for her as we made another memory together. I know she won’t remember every specific detail of these early days, but I do hope that they impact her life tremendously.


The recipe I followed can be found here

Days along the Emerald Coast + beach reads

Yes, we are slowly preparing to transition to the north within the next year or so, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop loving our days along these beautiful emerald waters. I am currently reading the book “How to Raise a Wild Child” by Scott Sampson from Dinosaur Train. I have always had a passion for raising my child outside, but since diving into this very well written and informative book, my passion for raising a wild child has only grown. My goal isn’t just to spend time outside, but to spend time in the wild. In places that men (and women..) do not control. I mean, parks and splash pads, and amusement parks and walks around the neighborhood are nice (really they are, I’m not being sarcastic, I promise), but there is something so thrilling and satisfying about exploring out of mans realm- to experience God’s beauty as it was meant to be experienced.

Florida does have some beautiful nature trails, but during these hot and humid summer days, we tend to choose the beach for our wandering. During our beach days we typically play in the waves, collect shells, drink coconut water, walk to the point where we can no longer see the houses and condos, build castles out of fine sand, and I always manage to bring several books with us on our journey to read over the sound of small waves crashing into our snowlike sands.


Aspen's sea shell hunt 7-22-18-4Aspen's sea shell hunt 7-22-18Aspen's sea shell hunt 7-22-18-2

Aspen's sea shell hunt 7-22-18-7Aspen's sea shell hunt 7-22-18-9

Yes, my mountain loving soul longs for the days where we pick wild huckleberries and spend our evenings baking them into a mouth watering pie. I long for the times I can take Aspen to the creek and watch tadpoles swim upstream, and to admire a full grown moose tromping through our yard on a crisp autumn morning. But honestly, I know we are where we are meant to be right in this moment. I do not plan to rush God’s plans for us. This is something that has been so hard for my heart to come to terms with- to be patient and enjoy the slow and steady moments of the present- but knowing and having faith that my little family and I are in God’s caring hands always steadies my constant dreaming and planning.


In other news, today’s beach reads were:

Eric Carle’s “A House for Hermit Crab” and “Good Night Beach” by Adam Gamble. We also practiced our numbers today while counting the seashells we collected.

Well, hello again

Holy shit. It’s been awhile, and I promise I have good reasons why. After Scott left for North Dakota, I realized that so much of my time was consumed with staring at a computer screen or my phone. Instead of living the life that God intended for me to live, I spent my days dreaming about other people living their best life. It was a vicious cycle of constant comparing my accomplishments to others, and it wasn’t healthy for me, or for my daughter. So, as any self aware social media addict would do, I quit. Cold turkey. For six months. And in those six months, quite a bit happened. So I’ll start from the beginning:

My mom came to visit in the spring, which was SO much fun! My mom is my best friend, and watching her be a grandma is such a precious thing to me. While she was here, we beached it up nearly every day, drank more rose and pina coladas than I’d like to admit, and spent nearly every night watching old Nickelodeon movies while slightly intoxicated, and laughing our butts off. My madre is also a beach and sea lover, so she and Aspen went into the water continuously while I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the view!


And then I started my photography business. I mean, what mom with a fancy camera doesn’t these days?? No, but really, I love it. I am trying to focus primarily on motherhood and childhood, but I still love to work with families and to do senior portraits. I know, it’s cliche, but I really do love every second of it. And isn’t that the goal? To love the things you do in life?

Follow: @sadieannphoto on INSTA and www.sadieannphoto.com


And then we went to northern Idaho. Not once, but TWICE! Not only that, but we got a realtor while we were there, found a church that we loved, and hope to call it home within the next year or two. We have ALWAYS dreamed of living in the north west, but now we are making small steps to making it a reality. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!


And then I became an Usborne Books and More consultant. I swore I would never give in to an independent sales company, but you know what? Aspen and I fucking love these books, and I don’t even care. I’m selling them because we genuinely do enjoy them, and I know most of my mama friends out there do too. Plus, gives me a great reason to throw brunch parties, drink mimosas with other incredible mamas, and discuss something I am genuinely passionate about: educating our children in a fun and natural way.



And then we started doing our homeschool preschool. My goal with it is to give Aspen a very fun and natural approach to learning, so that she develops a passion for school, education, and literacy. Which basically means that we do a lot of nature studying (outside time), literature (tons of awesome books), playing (engineering), cooking and baking (science), crafts, music, and painting. I really want to start doing either The Peaceful Press, The Good and Beautiful, or Habitat SchoolHouse Curriculum after the new year, but until then, we are in an incredible rhythm that’s perfect for us right now.

Aspen and I have also gotten plugged in with our church community. Like, really plugged in. I had never expected to love a church so much that I couldn’t imagine ever leaving them, but here I am. We LOVE Momentum Church in Navarre!

I also quit my day job at the gym. And I could not tell you how happy I am that Scott and I made that decision. I miss my friends and so many of the members there, but I am so glad I have more time to focus on growing my business and even more time to spend on making memories with Aspen.

Lastly, I do not have pictures (yet), but I have booked a trip to Scotland with some other incredible and creative friends for mid September. I can’t wait to frolic around Isle of Skye and drink more scotch than my liver should ever aught to handle, with incredible friends! Also, Aspen will be in great hands while my mom flies out to watch her for the week. It’s already killing me to be away from her for that long, but I know I am meant to experience this adventure that’s conveniently been on my bucket list since I was eight years old. 

Other than that, I have decided to change my course with The Lupine Lady. Instead of me trying to compete with the latest Life-and-Style bloggers, I have decided to just use this as a platform for sharing the joys of my every day living. If you’d like, feel free to tag along on my motherhood/homeschooling/traveling/photography/reading/crafting/moving/kick-ass-wife journey 🙂

Coffee, self portraits, and a mom confession


Today I needed a mommy timeout.


Aspen woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She was fussy and clingy, and very irritable (not sick). I would look at her the wrong way and she would start screaming and crying. I would try to brush my teeth, and she would be pulling on my shirt telling me, “NO” while hitting me. If I wasn’t holding her in my arms, she was mad.

Aspen’s love language during her early years is clearly Physical Touch. I have acknowledged this for a while now (If you haven’t read The Five Love Languages, I highly suggest you do! It helps all relationships, not just marriages). She needs to be touching, skin to skin, in order to do nearly anything. When she wakes up in the morning, she requests to cuddle for the first ten minutes of her day. Throughout the day her hands are always close to mine, and in the evenings she will not close her eyes without me keeping near. As for me, physical touch is not my forte. I actually can’t stand it. I have never been a hugger (unless hugs from my mom?), and I like to keep my distance from people. I don’t like it, and I never have. BUT, motherhood is calling me to learn how to like it.

Long story short, I raised my voice several times throughout the day. Actually, no, I YELLED several times throughout the day. Finally, towards the end, I had to sit back and think about how I was handling this situation. She is a toddler, I am an adult. I have known for a while that physical touch helps her relax. I also see that yelling has done nothing except make her more upset. Eventually, after a quick little mommy timeout, I changed my attitude and went to love and cuddle my emotionally vulnerable toddler. We are all entitled to a few bad days. And it definitely helps to have a mom who can *eventually* be self aware and help you get through your emotions.

Moms, fathers, grandparents, siblings, wife, and husbands, I encourage you all to pick up The Five Love Languages and find out how you can love your dear ones better today.

As for self portraits- I think it is something so wonderful to be able to document your daily life. It’s something no one in the past has been able to do to this extent before. As technology evolves, history does too. Each physical photograph is a documentation of our lives that someone will someday find. In a selfie, and narcissistic perceived world, take time to document your emotions and your actions, not just your looks.

This is one of my favorite button down blouses that I’ve owned. It is soft, light weight, and fits so well! Shop it here

MOMMY AND ME SESSION with Mandie Medeiros Photography + weaning

Warning: if you’re sensitive to moms nursing past age 1, redirect now to Mandie’s website here 

View More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspenView More: http://mandiemedeiros.pass.us/sadie-and-aspen

Mommy and Me sessions hold such a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s because I used to be the one behind the lens, maybe it’s because it captures such a beautiful essence of motherhood, or maybe because it’s just a lovely time to get updates photos of mommy and baby while they look put together. No matter the reason though, mommy and me pictures are incredibly valuable and the perfect gifts for moms on Mothers Day.

Aspen and I had such a great experience with Mandie Medeiros Photography. She was easy to talk to, great at communicating, funny, knows her shit, and is a hybrid photographer (which is freaking awesome and rare around here). If you’re looking for a local photographer, I highly recommend her. Her website is here

*Also, I never intended to breast feed this long. Three years ago, I said 6 months was my goal. Then it went to a year. THEN it went to 18 months. Now, we just hit two years and honestly, I loved each and every second of it, but I feel like we are both ready to let go of this time together. Breast feeding is such a cool, nutritional, empowering, and incredibly humbling experience, and I have zero regrets of holding out this long. I know some find it odd that she’s two and just now weaning, but honestly, it worked really well for our family. It was convenient, and Aspen and I loved that special time together where I was able to provide for her from my own body. Anyway, long story short, we are now beginning the weaning process, and although it makes me so sad (that’s the last thing that links her to infancy and giving it up hurts my heart), but part of me also wants to rejoice and say, “HELL YES, FINALLLYYYY!”.*