Spring in 30A with Pink Blush

30A is my favorite place along the Emerald Coast. Between the shops, the food, the pretty southern homes, the plenty of parks, and the beach near by, it is undoubtedly the most perfect southern town in my mind. 30A is the type of place that makes me want to live here forever.

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We spent the weekend in Seaside, which is a small coastal town along Florida’s highway 30A. It is one of the sweetest and most quaint little towns I have ever been to. There are numerous food trucks, pizzarias, coffee shops, gelato shops, and local restaurants. In Seaside, everyone has come to the realization that cars are for losers. Instead, nearly everyone there rides beach cruisers to get to their destination. I have never been so in love with a town in my life (well, I mean, Sandpoint Idaho is also a personal favorite).

Because I was traveling for Valentines day, Scott and I decided to delay our date to Seaside until the weekend. We woke up early, Scott made a large breakfast filled with bacon, sausage, eggs, and fruit, and we packed our bags to spend the day on 30A. We first went to one of the many green grass parks and sat by the water fountain while playing tag with Aspen. Afterwards we walked further into town and ate some gelato, and eventually made our way to the historical and locally famous church. We let Aspen let loose and play in the grass before we started our trek back home.

For me personally, dates do not have to be elaborate or expensive. I much more appreciate some quality time with family in a gorgeous area, taking in the views and good weather with my two favorite people in the world.

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Best first time mom baby shower gifts

First of all, NO, I am not pregnant. But three of my best friends are. So in honor of them, and all the other soon to be mamas out there, I wanted to share gifts that Scott and I got while pregnant with Aspen that saved our lives during infancy.


First, The Fisher-Price Rock ‘n play sleeper was one of the most heaven sent creations in the world! We relied on this bad boy.

These little velcro swaddles were so convenient during the squirmy phase!

Okay, ya’ll. If you have a baby with acid reflux (like me!), you will be relying on these burp cloths. There are also no such thing as too many!

Lets face it, babies want to be held, and in my opinion, they should be! But unfortunately, there is much more about parenting than just loving on your little one. For those hectic days when the babe wants picked up but you just can’t find the time (because dishes and laundry don’t do themselves, sadly), the ergo is an incredible alternitive.

Lastly, Aspen seemed to really enjoy her baby seat when she got strong enough to start sitting on her own. I would put down texture toys for her on the tray while she would play and explore.