Every day casual

As a mama, I like to be comfortable. Each day I am bending down to grab toys, giving piggy backs, kissing boo boos, cleaning up messes, and giving baths. It’s not for the faint of heart, nor is it glamorous. But, being a woman, I also like to look presentable and on the occasion, good, even while I am mommin’.

casual wear THE LUPINE LADY Jan2018-11casual wear THE LUPINE LADY Jan2018-7

Aspen, while running around outside, fell on some cement and scraped her knee. Immediate she looked up to me, asking me to pick her up. I naturally scooped her into my arms as she buried her face into my shoulder and whispered, “I oh-tay mama”. And instantly my heart melted.

casual wear THE LUPINE LADY Jan2018-10casual wear THE LUPINE LADY Jan2018-5

Guys, motherhood is the sweetest. I mean, good Lord, how could it not be when your kid is this dang cute? Don’t get me wrong, she drives me mad some days (basically every day after 6pm, especially when dad isn’t home to help). There have been days where I have had to put her into her room while I hit my knees praying for grace, because sometimes parenting is hard. But at the end of the day, when I look at her sleeping face, I could not imagine a life so perfect. I wouldn’t trade this for anything (even to go to the bathroom by myself).

Sadie’s Outfit

Top is from target // denim is from American Eagle // Flats are from Charolette Russe // Similar necklase can be found here //

Aspen’s Outfit

Dress and knee high socks are from Old Navy // flats are from Target // Similar hair accessory here




A feminine workout look

I don’t know about you, but I feel more motivated to workout when I have cute clothes to wear to the gym.

feminine workout outfit THE LUPINE LADE-8

Once upon a time, I was an avid runner and frequented the gym. But then I had my little one, and my physical fitness hit the back burner. Not intentional, but it happens.

feminine workout outfit THE LUPINE LADE-2

feminine workout outfit THE LUPINE LADE-7

Pregnancy hit me really freaking hard. I was down nearly the entire 9 months from constant sickness, and it didn’t get easier postpartum. My delivery, although incredibly magical, was very hard on my body, and it took me six months to recover, vs the average three. And now, after all that, my right knee pains me every time I put too much pressure on it (yes, scheduling a doctors apt soon!).

feminine workout outfit THE LUPINE LADE-4

feminine workout outfit THE LUPINE LADE-5

These aren’t meant to be excuses, but a reminder to all of those out there that even a mom who LOVES sweating has had her difficulties getting back at it. Between the aches and pains that come with parenthood, and finding the time on busy days, I understand that it can be hard. Sometimes, after working, parenting, cleaning, cooking, etc., you would rather sit with a glass of red and go to bed. And I’m here to tell you I GET IT. But please don’t put your physical health on the back burner for long. Everyday is going to have it’s challeneges, and it’s our job to find the time for important things. Below I have a list of things that motivate me to get off the couch after a long day and sweat a bit:

  1. eating healthy all day always makes me feel accomplished and wanting to go the extra mile for my health.
  2. Have a partner join you! It can be a friend, spouse, or if your kid is old enough, them too! This is also great for accountability.
  3. having cute workout clothes ready! My pants in the images above are from F21, but they’re currently sold out. Similar are here. My jacket is lululemon, and the shoes and water bottle are from target
  4. Have gear at home for the days you really aren’t feeling like getting out. My favorite home gear is from Tone It Up’s Target collection.

I hope these help you get the motivation to workout this week.

In the comments bellow, I would love to hear if you use any of these methods, and what works best for you!

Sadie Ann and The Lupine Lady

It’s a little late into the New Year, which I appologize for, but here I am again! Welcoming 2018 with open arms, as if it’s an old friend I am embracing for the first time in years. This year, no doubt, will be dificult. Our family will be going through many changes in this season. Fortunately, I am naturally an optimist as well as believe in a good God, and therefor I KNOW it will be a phenominal year, despite all of the changes.

Aspen January FWB-5Aspen January FWB-3

We spent Christmas and the New Year in Arizona with loved ones, which was an absolute BLAST! And within the first three weeks of 2018, we have managed to finish up decorating my study area, quit my job at the church (although still volunteering once a month in the nursery), decrease my hours at the gym, and Scott has been hired on at the Oil Fields in North Dakota, and will be leaving to work in late February. Aspen has been signed up for soccer, and once warmer weather hits our part of northern Florida, I will presume our own little “home school at the beach”. Scott and I are also in the works of a few other big projects, but wont be releasing details on that for a few more months… so stay tuned!

Aspen January FWB-4Aspen January FWB-2

As for my little blog, I will continue to expose my thoughts, life, and wardrobe on here, although posts may or may not be slower to publish, considering current circumstances. I am also in the process of brainstorming beautiful content to take The Lupine Lady to the next level.

Aspen January FWB-6

Thank you to all who have taken the time to follow our family’s journey, and I can’t wait to share more of what life has in store for us!


Dress: Old Navy // Atlas: Hobby Lobby, similar here // Desk: Target // Vases: thrifted, similar here

the perfect boyfriend jeans



The weather is slowly getting cool here in florida, which calls for light sweaters, closed toed shoes, and the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans.

sweater: old navy // jeans: abercrombie and fitch // shoes: charolette russe // bracelet: ralph lauren