Feminine LWD + Easter basket ideas

Everyone knows the LBD (little black dress) is something fierce. But this feminine loving mama is quite fond of the less poular LWD (little white dress) as well.

pink blush easter-9pink blush easter-17

This gorgeous dress is PERFECT to wear to Spring events like Easter, baby showers, and garden parties.

pink blush easter-13

And as a side note, taking pictures with my little minion is my absolute favorite. I promise the excitement and love in our eyes is NOT posed. This is how we feel/look/react to eachother 90% of the time (unless she’s in trouble or I’ve spent too much time editing pictures and she’s irritated with me)

pink blush easter-18pink blush easter-7

EASTER. Easter is coming up, and I will be the first to admit it is my favorite holiday. Christmas had always been the winner for me, but the past few years Easter (and it’s true meaning) has grown more and more on my heart. I love the spring time weather, the florals, the “everything is new” feeling, the femininity of it all, and the concept that we are all reborn through the resurrection of Christ. It’s such a beautiful and true concept that has touched my soul so much since becoming a mother that I cannot help but celebrate the spirit of Easter all year round. And let’s face it, the chocolates and light dresses are an added bonus.

This year, Easter will be a little different for our family. We will still be doing a community easter egg hunt, church service, and an eater basket filled with swim suits and beach towels, but unfortunately, we wont be celebrating it with Scott. It’s always hard on our hearts when we have to go a holiday without our dad and husband, but we know that there is a reason for each season in our life, and that we need to embrace this one, as well as all others in the future. I’m a firm believe that a positive mentality will always outshine a negative circumstance. So that is what we will do. We will embrace the seperation and use technology to our advantage, as well as look forward to the day we are together for an easter celebration.

ALSO, because I know people struggle with coming up with things to put in Easter baskets other than chocolate, I wanted to make a few suggestions:

I personally do a beach/ Summer themed basket. It typically includes a swim suit, beach towel, sunscreen, and beach or pool toys. Another idea is a garden themed basket. It would include seeds, soil, spring based books, and mini shovels and maybe rain boots. I also love the idea of an exploration basket. This one would have a magnifying glass, ant farm, books on bugs, animals, and plants. It would also have a sun hat and hiking boots.

Whatever you choose to pack in your childs basket, have fun with it and remember to include the true reason behind the holiday.

This year I am wearing Pink Blush for several ocassions. It’s hard not to when their dresses are catered to motherhood and femininity. One of the several ocassions is Easter and my good friend Shelby’s baby shower. This one in particular is such a light weight and detailed dress, and really ties into this years victorian revival trend.

*What are some things you all have planned for Easter?*


Thanksgiving outfit Part 2

This particular post is part two to a three day style series.

In this series I go over outfit ideas for Thanksgiving day that you will more than likely already have in your closet. If not, I link similar items below to stores that are 1) affordable, and 2) conveniently located. To see the first post, click here.


Outfit Details: skirt // flats // sweater // jean jacket



Holland Farms with our besties


Last year the Nichols girls and the Beck girls started an annual tradition of going to Holland Farm’s corn maze/pumpkin patch. This year the girls were old enough to appreciate it a bit more than they did last year. Here are some pictures of our day:


And some cell phone pictures Morgan took:


Sadie, Aspen, and Tatum all in their natural habitat!



Holland Farm is the sweetest little fall retreat tucked away in Milton, Florida. If it wasn’t for that Florida heat and humidity, you would swear you were somewhere in the North East with the festive autumn activities. There is a pumpkin patch, corn maze, kids train ride, hay ride, corn kernel sensory box, play ground, animal petting area, picnic area, zipline, and more. It’s a great place to take the kids to celebrate the season and get you out of the house.

The Nichols girls (Morgan and Tatum) joined us for the second year in a row to the farm. Tatum is Aspen’s best little buddy, and Moragn is one of my closest friends. It’s always nice when we’re able to set aside work, appointments, and routines to take the girls out to do something fun while we catch up. The girls also have so much fun playing together. Tatum and Aspen are the only two girls that could put up with eachother. They are rough and tough little nuggets! We are so blessed to have these two in our lives!






light and airy summer dresses


Okay ya’ll. Let’s get real, as a woman and mother, I find dresses to be the easiest and more comfortable (besides yoga pants) attire, especially in the summer. Here are some of my favorites (under $40) this season:

Women: here | here | here | here

Children: here | here | here |

Aspen’s first birthday


What the flying HECK! One year already? This has been the fastest year of my life, as well as  the best. March 25th, 2016 was the absolute most glorious (and painful) day of my life. I active labored (with back labor) for seven hours, and pushed for two. Every second of it was excruciating, but every second was worth it. At 1:16pm Aspen graced us with her presence and our lives would forever change for the better.

I’m not going to lie, this year has been difficult. There have been a few times where I have just wanted to break down and cry from lack of sleep, or not being able to go out with friends, or having to wear a pad when I run now because I pee myself when I move too much. There’s just a lot that changes with your body and lifestyle after having a child that can tear you down after a while. But on another note, I have the dreamiest child who is so kind hearted and loving, and loves to cuddle and gives the sweetest kisses as well as read books and play outside. She is the sweetest thing to walk into our lives, and now I am so grateful for every moment we have with her.

We kept it simple for her birthday. A few friends came over and we ate street tacos and red velvet cupcakes, took pictures, opened presents, and watched while aspen destroyed her smash cake (we were very proud). Afterwards, she took a good two hour nap, and then proceeded to share pasta and a cheese cake with me for dinner.

I still can’t believe it’s been a year. My heart is so full of love for this child that it nearly feels like she has been by my side my entire life, but in the same breath, it feels like she entered our lives just yesterday. I am beyond honored that God had chosen me to mother her, and is giving us another year of her spunk, independence, cuddles, and love.

St Patricks day with the Becks



Happy St. Patty’s day!

So, prior to getting pregnant and birthing Aspen, whisky was my jam. I mean, not to brag or anything, but I could hang. But these days, not so much. But I’ll attempt to drink something other than wine for the holiday. We’ll see how it pans out.

Anyhow, today Aspen and I went to Target to pick out some of her birthday gifts (I’m so excited, guys!), and then to the park at the beach to burn off some energy. Which worked wonders, because she took a pretty decent nap in her car seat.

Also, I got this super cute pelum style shirt from old navy for only $7! Shop it here.

You can also shop Aspens bow here

How’d you celebrate your St Patty’s day?

Christmas party attire


There are only a few occasions throughout the year that it is 100% justified to splurge on your looks. Your spouses squadron’s Christmas party is one of them.

Last year I was so pregnant and large, that I refused to even dress up for the party. So this year I had to make up for it. This was also my first time having a professional do my hair and makeup (and it is SO worth it you guys!). Thanks to Morgan Nichols I felt like a princess.

The night was an over all success. Aspen was happily content in the childcare room for 3 hours, giving Scott and I much needed time to ourselves. We had so much fun visiting with our friends, drinking old fashioned coctails, and eating delicious food. The games played were absolutely hilarious, and although we didn’t win anything this year, the prizes were ON POINT (thanks to my husband, who was on the committee). I seriously love this time of year, and the fun events it brings to us.

My outfit

Hair and makeup: Morgan Nichols Hair & Makeup Artist // dress: Windsor (out of stock. Similar here and here) // Coat: Kohls (out of stock. Similar here and here)// pearls: Kohls // ear rings: kohls// Shoes: DSW // nail polish: kohls

Here are some cell phone pictures from the night:

Let the festivities begin

Yesterday marked the first day of December, also known as the first day of the Holiday season. The season of winter whites mixed with Christmas green and reds, of delicious cookies and pies, and warming up to a cup of hot chocolate on a cool winter night. It’s the most wonderful time of year and I am so excited to share it with you all!


Blouse: similar here // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: DSW

Thanksgiving recap

Woah, woah, woah. Thanksgiving is nearly over. It is 6pm as I type, and I’m already in my pajamas doing a recap. That went fast. Too fast. Another first holiday with Aspen is gone.

Here’s some of our pictures from the day:5-img_6489

Aspen wasn’t feeling her best today. Actually, she was up all night with the sniffles :/
my big, big girl.




baby portions
All bout them mashed potatoes


First off, Aspen was up all night with the sniffles, so we barely got any sleep. Well, I should say barely got any sleep. Scott slept in the guest room because, well, he snores too loud. (no offense babe, I still love you!)

We woke up at 7 am and Scott got started prepping the turkey while I made my nan’s home made pecan pie. According to Scott, it’s the best pecan pie ever and I should post the recipe one of these days. While the pie was baking, I went on a mile jog and did a bit of a strength workout with Aspen. But when I got back in the kitchen, Scott realized we had to go back to the store to get cooking twine.

I mean, what would thanksgiving be if we wern’t overly stressed and ocassionally getting irritated with eachother, right? As long as everything is fine while we’re eating, then it’s all good! Or at least that’s how I feel about it. When you’re trying to make the most delicious meal, running on 0 sleep, you’re hangry, you’re still in the middle of remodeling the kitchen, and you’ve got a sick little sapling, you’re alowed to break down just once.

So on the menu was:



mashed potatoes


roasted veggies

and pecan pie

of all of these, Aspen’s favorite was the mashed potatoes. Atta girl! I was slightly proud to watch her bring fist fulls of my food to her mouth. After eating our vast meal, Scott turned on the cowboys/redskins game, and Aspen and I head to the beach to watch the sunset.

Overall, it was as good of a Thanksgiving as we could have made it. And the first one for Aspen is oficially in the books!

Shop my look:

jeans // sweater // shoes

Beach day with the besties


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past month here along the emerald coast, Florida.

I for one, am not a beach bum. Neither is our dear friend Tatum. But when the weather and water is this nice, you say “screw my sand-phobia, I’m going to the beach”. And that’s exactly what we did.

Morgan and Tatum brought the towels, while Aspen and I brought the camera and coffee. It was a lovely morning of chasing birds away from our babies, trying to get tatum NOT to drown herself in the water, and keep aspen from eating all of the sand. But honestly, it was great. And the little ones took excellent naps afterwards.

tips for mommas with their little ones at the beach:

  1. don’t forget the sunblock (I did, and now aspen has some rosie, but sensitive cheeks)
  2. a large towel, maybe two, is ESENTIAL
  3. don’t bother putting them in clothes. It’s going to get ruined anyway.
  4. keep water bottles and snacks in your bag, otherwise the birds WILL attack
  5. get over your sand phobia, and bring baby powder. Yes, baby powber DOES take off the sand.
  6. don’t forget water diapers!!
  7. have fun with your little one. Seriously, stop stressing and just have fun!