When in Northern Idaho

(Almost) Every summer we take the long plane flight from the Gulf Coast up to the North West to spend a few weeks in, what I consider, one of the most beautiful places on earth. This trip is never cheap, but each year it is so so worth it.

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Getting a break from the heat and humidity in itself is worth it!

But being able to meet up with Scott (husband and baby-daddy) is the absolute best part of the trip!

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The second best part is being able to watch Aspen play with her cousins that she only sees twice a year.

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In Idaho, we sleep in late, get dressed, pick up coffee, and climb a mountain.

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And sometimes we make our way to the creek to play with the tadpoles and splash in the cold mountain water.

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My soul longs for our trips to Northern Idaho each year. As the dates get closer to our departure, I begin to get butterflies. I am a lister, so I start to make plans and write them down. These lists typically look something like this:

  1. Go hiking
  2. Eat good food
  3. Play in the lake
  4. Kayak to the islands
  5. Spend time with family
  6. Have a date night with Scott
  7. Try not to die from alcohol poisoning
  8. Go camping
  9. Fish off the dock
  10. Go tubing and/or wake surfing on the lake

Most of these get accomplished within our time there.

Idaho 2018 prt 2_-2

While we were in Sandpoint this summer, Scott and I ended up hiring a realtor. We have always known that someday we want to make this quaint little town our home. So many beautiful things came shortly after that… like, for one, we found a church we love and someday would like to make it our home church. We also found a house we fell in love with and nearly put an offer on it. But once I met with the lender, we found out that the banks typically do not give loans out to those employed by the Oil Fields until they have been in for at least two years- which Scott has not.

We took this news as God putting a pause button on our search. It absolutely did break my heart, mainly because I developed my own timeline on my life, which God obviously had to humble me on. So for now, we wait. Aspen and I will continue to live in Florida and travel to see Scott throughout the year. I am going to use this time to grow my businesses, experience more of the south, enjoy the friendships I have made, and save money for when we are finally able to move to our dream location.

Everything happens for a reason, and although it makes me a bit sad, I am so glad God took control over the situation.



Well, hello again

Holy shit. It’s been awhile, and I promise I have good reasons why. After Scott left for North Dakota, I realized that so much of my time was consumed with staring at a computer screen or my phone. Instead of living the life that God intended for me to live, I spent my days dreaming about other people living their best life. It was a vicious cycle of constant comparing my accomplishments to others, and it wasn’t healthy for me, or for my daughter. So, as any self aware social media addict would do, I quit. Cold turkey. For six months. And in those six months, quite a bit happened. So I’ll start from the beginning:

My mom came to visit in the spring, which was SO much fun! My mom is my best friend, and watching her be a grandma is such a precious thing to me. While she was here, we beached it up nearly every day, drank more rose and pina coladas than I’d like to admit, and spent nearly every night watching old Nickelodeon movies while slightly intoxicated, and laughing our butts off. My madre is also a beach and sea lover, so she and Aspen went into the water continuously while I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the view!


And then I started my photography business. I mean, what mom with a fancy camera doesn’t these days?? No, but really, I love it. I am trying to focus primarily on motherhood and childhood, but I still love to work with families and to do senior portraits. I know, it’s cliche, but I really do love every second of it. And isn’t that the goal? To love the things you do in life?

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And then we went to northern Idaho. Not once, but TWICE! Not only that, but we got a realtor while we were there, found a church that we loved, and hope to call it home within the next year or two. We have ALWAYS dreamed of living in the north west, but now we are making small steps to making it a reality. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!


And then I became an Usborne Books and More consultant. I swore I would never give in to an independent sales company, but you know what? Aspen and I fucking love these books, and I don’t even care. I’m selling them because we genuinely do enjoy them, and I know most of my mama friends out there do too. Plus, gives me a great reason to throw brunch parties, drink mimosas with other incredible mamas, and discuss something I am genuinely passionate about: educating our children in a fun and natural way.



And then we started doing our homeschool preschool. My goal with it is to give Aspen a very fun and natural approach to learning, so that she develops a passion for school, education, and literacy. Which basically means that we do a lot of nature studying (outside time), literature (tons of awesome books), playing (engineering), cooking and baking (science), crafts, music, and painting. I really want to start doing either The Peaceful Press, The Good and Beautiful, or Habitat SchoolHouse Curriculum after the new year, but until then, we are in an incredible rhythm that’s perfect for us right now.

Aspen and I have also gotten plugged in with our church community. Like, really plugged in. I had never expected to love a church so much that I couldn’t imagine ever leaving them, but here I am. We LOVE Momentum Church in Navarre!

I also quit my day job at the gym. And I could not tell you how happy I am that Scott and I made that decision. I miss my friends and so many of the members there, but I am so glad I have more time to focus on growing my business and even more time to spend on making memories with Aspen.

Lastly, I do not have pictures (yet), but I have booked a trip to Scotland with some other incredible and creative friends for mid September. I can’t wait to frolic around Isle of Skye and drink more scotch than my liver should ever aught to handle, with incredible friends! Also, Aspen will be in great hands while my mom flies out to watch her for the week. It’s already killing me to be away from her for that long, but I know I am meant to experience this adventure that’s conveniently been on my bucket list since I was eight years old. 

Other than that, I have decided to change my course with The Lupine Lady. Instead of me trying to compete with the latest Life-and-Style bloggers, I have decided to just use this as a platform for sharing the joys of my every day living. If you’d like, feel free to tag along on my motherhood/homeschooling/traveling/photography/reading/crafting/moving/kick-ass-wife journey 🙂