Mommy and me DIY outfit

I am that nerdy mom that loves to match my kid. I mean, I know it’s really silly and tacky, but I can’t help it.


Can someone please tell my child to stop growing and cuddle me? I feel like she is ALWAYS on the move these days.


I wish I was fancy enough to be able to make my own skirt sewing tutorial, but I’m not. So here is a great one instead.

My outfit

Shirt: old navy // skirt fabric: hobby lobby (out of stock. Similar here and here) // shoes: old navy (out of stock, similar here)

Aspen’s outfit

cardi: Carters // skirt fabric: hobby lobby (out of stock. Similar here and here) // shoes: old navy // hair bow: blushing peach co


fresh air and coffee

Aspen and I had a fun day meeting my co worker in the florida woods, exploring little creeks and walking around while breathing in the fresh air.


I am so fortunate to be raising a child who loves exploring outside. Honestly though, the way she looks at the trees is incredible. You’ve never truly seen a sparkle in an eye until you’ve seen this child look up at the sky (hey, that rhymed!)


My outfit 

Sweater: old navy // denim shirt: target // denim jacket: gap // boots: similar here// scarf: crochet pattern here // coffee thermos: stanley

Aspen’s outfit

boots: old navy // pants: old navy // shirt: target // bonnet: pattern here

Winter capes and little babes


Oh my goodness, friends. It has been years since I have sat down at my desk, with fabric in hand, and sewing an article of clothing. But last night I did it. And I am so beyond proud of myself.

Every time i am on pinterest I get an itch to be the ‘do-it-all-mom”. most times it makes me feel lousy and insecure, but every now and then it makes me feel motivated and excited. This time around, I ended up calling a friend whom I know is an excellent crafter, and asked her if she could meet me at Joann’s one day to pick out a pattern and some fabric. So we found this pattern and picked out some darling flannel fabric, and started on Aspen’s new, and very romantic, cape.

Might I add, we also watched Super Why and drank spike hot chocolate as we sewed. It was excellent.

Is there a particular piterest inspired craft you’ve been meaning to do? Let me know in the comment section and I might try doing it myself!