Making memories in the kitchen

A mothers musings

Growing up, my sisters and I seldom got spoiled with candy or toys. Instead, we were spoiled in quality time and experiences. Now that I am a mother myself, I could not imagine any other form of showing affection towards my little sapling.

One of my favorite traditions was being in the kitchen with my loved ones. Cooking, baking, waiting for the bread to rise, sitting on the counters while gossiping, and later on, sharing a bottle of wine at the dining room table. I hope, and aim for Aspen to have similar memories.

Today, after consuming naan with hummus and arugula for dinner, I decided to bring out some green apples I had purchased from the market last week. I washed them, and then diced them into small little pieces so that when they were done baking, they would melt in our mouths.

I got out the ingredients for the crumble topping, and watched peacefully while Aspen mixed them together. Watching her concentrate on something that I personally love to do brings my mama’s heart so much satisfaction. While putting together the mixture, we listened to classical music radio on Pandora, and chatted about our trip to the library earlier that day. And once everything was put together, we watched with anticipation while it baked in the oven.

apple crisp w-aspen-2

apple crisp w-aspen

I want her to remember the smell of our home as the sweet warm aroma of apple crisp covered every inch of our house. I want her to remember that mom let her make a mess, and that cleaning it up together was fun. I want her to remember how excited she was when I pulled the little ramekins out of the oven, and the smile she made when she got to taste her first bite. I want her to remember the love I felt for her as we made another memory together. I know she won’t remember every specific detail of these early days, but I do hope that they impact her life tremendously.


The recipe I followed can be found here


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