Sadie Ann and The Lupine Lady

It’s a little late into the New Year, which I appologize for, but here I am again! Welcoming 2018 with open arms, as if it’s an old friend I am embracing for the first time in years. This year, no doubt, will be dificult. Our family will be going through many changes in this season. Fortunately, I am naturally an optimist as well as believe in a good God, and therefor I KNOW it will be a phenominal year, despite all of the changes.

Aspen January FWB-5Aspen January FWB-3

We spent Christmas and the New Year in Arizona with loved ones, which was an absolute BLAST! And within the first three weeks of 2018, we have managed to finish up decorating my study area, quit my job at the church (although still volunteering once a month in the nursery), decrease my hours at the gym, and Scott has been hired on at the Oil Fields in North Dakota, and will be leaving to work in late February. Aspen has been signed up for soccer, and once warmer weather hits our part of northern Florida, I will presume our own little “home school at the beach”. Scott and I are also in the works of a few other big projects, but wont be releasing details on that for a few more months… so stay tuned!

Aspen January FWB-4Aspen January FWB-2

As for my little blog, I will continue to expose my thoughts, life, and wardrobe on here, although posts may or may not be slower to publish, considering current circumstances. I am also in the process of brainstorming beautiful content to take The Lupine Lady to the next level.

Aspen January FWB-6

Thank you to all who have taken the time to follow our family’s journey, and I can’t wait to share more of what life has in store for us!


Dress: Old Navy // Atlas: Hobby Lobby, similar here // Desk: Target // Vases: thrifted, similar here


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