Little besties: a tribute to friendship


Alright guys, it’s about to get real sappy over here.

Everyone has that one childhood friend. You know, that one that was practically your sibling, and although you hardly talk to them now, you will always consider them one of your best friends. Mine was Chelsie Goddard. She lived a house down from me and spent half her childhood by my side, even after we moved into seperate neighborhoods. Our parents still have the pictures of a tiny brown baby (me), and a crazy red headed brute (chelsie) tearing up a huge teddy bear and throwing the stuffing all over the house.

Anyway, as I was saying, THAT friend. We all have one, and they’ll always be the best. Well, that is what miss Tatum Noel is to Aspen. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Tatum, only a few months older than A is quite the character. She is funny, and sweet, and loves her books and her puppies more than anything. A is wild, and spontaneous, and likes to make people laugh. These two sweet baby/toddlers are so different from eachother, but both so so perfect. There is never a dull moment when these crazies get together, and watching it is truly mesmerizing.

Being in the military means an eventual part is inevidable. It’s something we have sadly grown accusomed to. Friends come, and they go, and new friendships have a chance to grow from it, while keeping old friends close to our hearts. I pray that these two beauties reach out to each other someday. That they know their mamas loved them both, and cherished these moments of bliss while watching them grow in their early childhood together. I pray that they think of each other how I think of Chelsie: friend I’ll never lose.


Disclaimer: They are not moving! I’m just looking at pictures I have taken of the babies and feel incredibly sappy and had to write this down before the feeling faded.




2 thoughts on “Little besties: a tribute to friendship

  1. Love this. My childhood best friend got in touch with me a couple of months ago after twenty years of lost contact! Amazing feeling.
    Your pictures are gorgeous, too!


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