Farmers Market and Taco+Tequila Fest


This morning was a doozy. I had stayed up way too late watching Molana (which was beyond adorable). So when Aspen woke me up at 7am, I was like, “for reals kid??”. And she was, in fact, for reals. So we got dressed and headed out to the farmers market. And there I scored some beautiful home grown fruits and vegetables. After talking to a few local farmers about starting a spring and summer crop, Aspen and I made our way to the local coffee roasters and got an iced mocha for Scott and a vanilla latte for me.

Afterwards, we rushed home to pick up Scott and head out to the taco and tequila fest. Although there were an estimated 2,000+ people there, it was a lovely time. Why? because I got a few gormet tacos that reminded me of down town Phoenix, and Scott let me be the designated drinker for the day (which I haven’t been since getting pregnant nearly two years ago!). So needless to say, I had a great time. Aspen enjoyed the tacos as much as I did, but eventually did get fussy towards the end. But up until that point, mama got to drink a total of four margaritas and a shot of grapefruit tequila without being paranoid of contaminated breast milk or drunk driving. Which was kind of amazing.

As for the Taco and Tequila event, I’m not sure if we would go again next year. It was a lot of fun, but there were so many people that it made the lines unbearable, and taking a stroller in that was difficult. But for those without kids and with patience, I would highly recomend it.


3 thoughts on “Farmers Market and Taco+Tequila Fest

    1. Hey there! Glad you enjoyed. This is just an umbrella stroller. You can find one for $20-$30 at Walmart and target. They’re great when the little ones get older, and you just need something to put them in without lugging around a massive stroller.

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