Thanksgiving recap

Woah, woah, woah. Thanksgiving is nearly over. It is 6pm as I type, and I’m already in my pajamas doing a recap. That went fast. Too fast. Another first holiday with Aspen is gone.

Here’s some of our pictures from the day:5-img_6489

Aspen wasn’t feeling her best today. Actually, she was up all night with the sniffles :/
my big, big girl.




baby portions
All bout them mashed potatoes


First off, Aspen was up all night with the sniffles, so we barely got any sleep. Well, I should say barely got any sleep. Scott slept in the guest room because, well, he snores too loud. (no offense babe, I still love you!)

We woke up at 7 am and Scott got started prepping the turkey while I made my nan’s home made pecan pie. According to Scott, it’s the best pecan pie ever and I should post the recipe one of these days. While the pie was baking, I went on a mile jog and did a bit of a strength workout with Aspen. But when I got back in the kitchen, Scott realized we had to go back to the store to get cooking twine.

I mean, what would thanksgiving be if we wern’t overly stressed and ocassionally getting irritated with eachother, right? As long as everything is fine while we’re eating, then it’s all good! Or at least that’s how I feel about it. When you’re trying to make the most delicious meal, running on 0 sleep, you’re hangry, you’re still in the middle of remodeling the kitchen, and you’ve got a sick little sapling, you’re alowed to break down just once.

So on the menu was:



mashed potatoes


roasted veggies

and pecan pie

of all of these, Aspen’s favorite was the mashed potatoes. Atta girl! I was slightly proud to watch her bring fist fulls of my food to her mouth. After eating our vast meal, Scott turned on the cowboys/redskins game, and Aspen and I head to the beach to watch the sunset.

Overall, it was as good of a Thanksgiving as we could have made it. And the first one for Aspen is oficially in the books!

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