Small Business Saturday


In just a few days, Thanksgiving will arrive. We will gather with our family and friends around a beautiful table scape decorated with our finest dining wear and best home made meals. We will talk about all the joys this year has brought us, and what we are thankful for. There might be some animosity from the latest presidential election, but over all we will be surrounded by loved ones and good food.

The hours following the feast, we will unbutton our jeans and sit in our family recliner chair in a lathargic manner. Then we will pull ourselves together and head out to the busiest day for all retail workers: black friday. And we will probably spend our entire last pay check on shopping, but it will be okay, because we got a hell of a deal, right?

Although I love black friday as much as the next american (I mean, who doesn’t love 40% off their entire purchase at old navy??), I think it is important to remember the small business owners the following day.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite small business shops and found out what their Small Business Saturday sales will be. Here are my favorites:

The Blushing Peach Co

the blushing peach co is one of my favorite child accessory shops. They have the absolute sweetest bows and bandana bibs with the most affordable prices.

For their SBS deal, they’re offering 30% off your entire purchase.

Wild Flower Whimsy

I’ve been following Wild Flower Whimsy on instagram forever now. The owner makes the absolute most darling dream catchers, wreaths, and baby accessories. She also does amazing embroidery work.

For their SBS deal, they’re offering free shipping 

The Minted Evergreen

I started following the Minted Evergreen when i, myself, was growing my crochet business. I looked up to not only their work, but their relationship with their clients as well. They also do marcrame, which is entirely impressive on its own.

For their SBS deal, they’re offering 20% off of purchases of $25+ using the code SHOPSMALLMINTED, and 15% off of smaller orders using the code SHOPHANDMADE

Lil Liza Jane

I actually met the founder of this small business through facebook, we briely lived in the same area. Lil Liza Jane is a great place to shop for the sweetest childrens clothes.

For their SBS deal, they’re offering 25% off on their etsy account using the code SMALLBIZ25

Alpine Baby Co

I have been following this company on instagram for a few years, and I must say, they are one of my all time favorites! I can’t tell you how many times I have screen shot their posts and sent it to my husband and my mom with the caption, “ASPEN NEEDS THIS”. Their childrens clothes are beyond amazing. And they post gorgeous pictures of the montana mountains.

For their SBS deal, they’re offering 25% off with the code ALPINEBLACK



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