Beach day with the besties


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past month here along the emerald coast, Florida.

I for one, am not a beach bum. Neither is our dear friend Tatum. But when the weather and water is this nice, you say “screw my sand-phobia, I’m going to the beach”. And that’s exactly what we did.

Morgan and Tatum brought the towels, while Aspen and I brought the camera and coffee. It was a lovely morning of chasing birds away from our babies, trying to get tatum NOT to drown herself in the water, and keep aspen from eating all of the sand. But honestly, it was great. And the little ones took excellent naps afterwards.

tips for mommas with their little ones at the beach:

  1. don’t forget the sunblock (I did, and now aspen has some rosie, but sensitive cheeks)
  2. a large towel, maybe two, is ESENTIAL
  3. don’t bother putting them in clothes. It’s going to get ruined anyway.
  4. keep water bottles and snacks in your bag, otherwise the birds WILL attack
  5. get over your sand phobia, and bring baby powder. Yes, baby powber DOES take off the sand.
  6. don’t forget water diapers!!
  7. have fun with your little one. Seriously, stop stressing and just have fun!

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