Lazy mondays


I am a busy body.

No, seriously. I cannot stay still. I always want to be doing something. Ocassionally Scott will invite me to lay on the couch with him during Aspen’s naptime, and I can’t. I find myself figeting and getting restless. I always think that there’s something more productive I could be doing. Cleaning the house, folding laundry, taking a walk, checking my email, making meals. There is no such thing as down time in my book.

But, knowing this, Scott occassionally wont give me an option.

So he had monday off, and he went out Sunday evening and bought me roses, and turned off my alarm clock so that Aspen and I could sleep in. He let me take my time getting ready, and instead of spending the day cleaning like a mad woman (which I do daily anyway), he took Aspen and I out to starbucks. We just SAT there, drinking our drinks and talking. It may seem silly, but that is a pretty big deal to me. It is so necessary to just relax every once in awhile.

But, needless to say, the moment we got home I was back to cleaning, yard work, and cooking. I’m a real mess.

In other news, I scored this vintage Beatrix Potter collection book for $5.00 at our local antique shop and I tell you friends, I nearly died. I’m still grinning thinking about it.

Also, flowers are my love language.


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