Why blogging?


Sadie: blouse // skirt // shoes

Aspen: christening gown

Scott: polo // jeans // boots

I’ve been a want-to-be blogger for over a year now. i have actually started a few make shift blogs in the past, but after having Aspen, I have been wanting more and more to document our daily adventures in a way that could also be used as a tool for other moms/wives/or anyone who gives a damn.

Since getting married at 19, I have found a love for cooking. I mean, I LOVE cooking. So freaking much. And I needed a place to put all of my recipes, as well as documentation of everything else my tiny family does. Because i do, in fact, think we’re kind of cool. And that we might be worth following to some people.

I hope this blog flourishes into a gateway for laughs, delishous food, fun crafts, trip planning, and wardrobe cordinating moments for (the hopeful) hundreds, maybe someday thousands, of readers.

Much love


PS- the photographs abolve are of Aspen’s baptism on our last Arizona trip, where Scott and I are both from.


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