Farmers Market haul



Throughout my pregnany I had dreamt about what it was going to be like as a family. I wanted (and still do want) to create blissful memories with my little family. Among that list were: berry picking, park playing, meadow frolicking, wave chasing, kitchen baking, nursery reading, and farmers market gathering. Traditions were a huge factor throughout my childhood, and I could not wait to begin our own with Aspen.

Over the weekend we went to the Downtown Fort Walton Beach Farmers Market and hit the jackpot. Our haul included items such as: chuck roast, beakfast sausage, bacon, bell peppers, scallions, red potatoes, carrots, eggs, dog treats, cucumbers, and delicious home made pecan ice cream.

I love being able to support local farmers and grow small business america. i think it is so important to encourage those who go beyond the coorporations to provide families with the absolute best food this earth has to offer. And i’m so excited to teach Aspen the moral and economic value of shopping small and local.

my blouse // jeans // shoes // stroller




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